2016 November (Volume XXVI, No. 8)

AT Community Rallies After Flood

Over the course of 24 hours in late June, thunderstorms dumped 10 inches of torrential rain across West Virginia, resulting in catastrophic flooding. Herbert Hoover High School, Clay County High School, and Richwood High School were each hit hard, and all of their athletic training supplies and equipment were destroyed… more »

Back on the Mat

When an Upper Iowa University wrestler suffered a stroke, it thrust the school’s athletic trainer into uncharted territory. The athlete’s subsequent rehab and return to competition proved to be a valuable learning experience for everyone involved… more »

Every Day is Game Day

It can be challenging to keep football players motivated during long, hot offseason workouts. To help his athletes get through the dog days of summer, Evan Simon, MS, CSCS, SCCC, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Oregon State University, turned the team’s strength and conditioning work into a mock season and awarded “wins” or “losses” based on performance… more »

Friendly Competition

When Strength and Conditioning Coach Jake Zauhar introduced the “Spartan Challenge” at Rocori High School in Cold Springs, Minn., five summers ago, it was a small event where local athletes could face off in a variety of exercises before the school year began. With great results and feedback, it’s grown in both size and scope each year since… more »

Group Effort

Thanks to a community-wide health initiative that gets coaches, parents, and players involved, fueling for performance has become a top priority for Stillwater (Minn.) High School athletes… more »

In the Fast Lane

Having quick, agile athletes is vital to most sports, so it should be a focus for every strength and conditioning program. We asked a roundtable of experts how they satisfy the need for speed in their training… more »

Surf’s Up

On the water, surfers rely on their upper bodies for paddling, lower bodies for explosive movements, and core for torque. On land, their training should reflect this… more »

Testing in Progress

Looking to improve return-to-play outcomes, a sports medicine clinic recently introduced combines that collect baseline movement and agility data on high school athletes… more »

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