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New Drug Sounding Alarms

By Kyle Garratt

A new, mostly legal drug that imitates marijuana has been raising concern for some time in the general public, and that attention has now spread to the athletic community. Most commonly referred to as K2, the substance also goes by names such as “Spice” and “Spice Gold.” While K2 produces a high similar to marijuana, it is not known what the health effects are and officials are worried about how it might alter athletes’ performance and well being.
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Back to Life, and the Court

By R.J. Anderson

Last September, former University of Tennessee men’s basketball player Emmanuel Negedu had a close brush with death when his heart suddenly stopped beating during a preseason workout at the school. In the aftermath, Tennessee determined that the risks were too high for Negedu to return to the court, ending his Volunteer career. Since then, Negedu has transferred to the University of New Mexico, which raised eyebrows by clearing the forward to play basketball again.
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Athletic Departments Feeling the Heat

By Patrick Bohn

With the mercury rising in thermometers across the country, several prominent athletic departments have found themselves in hot water. Here’s a rundown of the most recent events.
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Hospital Rounds

Whether they’re helping patients overcome paralysis, conducting rehab, or assisting in the operating room, these athletic trainers have found the hospital setting to be a rewarding and dynamic workplace. Is this “new frontier” of the profession right for you?
By Kenny Berkowitz

Kenny Berkowitz is an Assistant Editor at Training & Conditioning. He can be reached at: [email protected].

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The TRX® Big Five

By Mike Boyle, MS, ATC

Every decade or so, a tool comes along that allows certain exercise or exercise progressions to be improved. To be honest, at first glance, I didn’t see the TRX as one of these tools. However, the key to understanding the TRX was seeing the possibilities to improve exercises you already do. For my athletes at Boston University and for the athletes at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, we have started to use what I refer to as our TRX “Big Five.”

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At the End of Your Rope?

With rising obesity rates and PE basically absent from school systems, fitness levels are at an all time low across the United States. “Why” you might ask? It’s simple – it’s called “the path of least resistance training.” People literally want to have their cake, eat it too, and not have to walk anywhere to get it.
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Getting a Lift

By Patrick Bohn

Shoulder replacement surgery is now common and its rehab is fairly straightforward. But how do you rehab a national record-holding power lifter who goes through the procedure?
Tom Hall’s shoulder replacement surgery was over 40 years in the making. Back in 1964, Hall was performing a two-handed overhead snatch during a power lifting competition when, “My left shoulder seemed to come out of it’s socket,” he says.
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Hockey Faces Concussion Questions

By Patrick Bohn

Concern over head injuries in hockey is quickly gaining a share of the concussion spotlight and some sweeping changes to the game–from youth leagues to the NHL–could be on the way.

The most recent push came just over a month ago, at the “Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center Ice Hockey Summit: Action on Concussions” program. There, brain trauma researchers, USA Hockey, and Hockey Canada officials and coaches urged youth hockey officials to delay allowing the introduction of body checking in the sport until players are 13 years old.
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