Nov 29, 2016
The Strong Case for Strength Training

It protects bodies, boosts performance – so why aren’t all athletes strength training?

Strength training is a powerful tool. Across the sports spectrum, strength training – which includes exercises that use body weight, resistance bands, free weights and weight machines – has been shown to produce better athletic performance, improve balance, protect bones, create healthier sleeping patterns and even lower an athlete’s risk of severe injuries.

When athletes build strength beyond their usual exercises, studies have shown that their bodies perform with greater efficiency and their muscles take longer to fatigue. It also prevents injuries from repetitive motion (in sports like swimming, running, tennis and baseball) by strengthening supportive muscles around the ones we play on repeat.

With so much upside, it’s a wonder we need to tell athletes to do it at all. But it’s not always easy to take a training day away from your sport to find some time in the weight room. The Strong Case for Strength Training

What is easy is grabbing your TheraBand® CLX. Athletes can get started on a strength training program anywhere with this single piece of equipment and these six exercises that work the full body from the top, down:

1. Bilateral bicep curl

Strengthens: Biceps

PRO TIP: Increase resistance each time you practice by gripping a loop closer to your feet. TheraBand CLX makes it easy to increase strength without needing more equipment.

2. Resisted Pushup

Strengthens: Chest + Muscles around Elbow

3. Side Plank with External Rotation

Strengthens: Core

Want an extra challenge? Stack the feet, lift and hold the upper leg 1-2 inches off the lower leg. Be sure to maintain a straight line in the body and lower the leg if you lose your form.

4. Front Squat

Strengthens: Legs, Knees, Hips

PRO TIP: Once your squats start feeling less intense, don’t squat deeper. Simply increase your resistance by moving your grip to the next loop on your TheraBand CLX.


5. Leg Extension

Strengthens: Glutes + Quads

DOUBLE UP: Add another move to your TheraBand CLX workout by doing your leg extension moves to the outside of the legs and in front. You’ll build strength in your core, hips and stabilizers.


Studies suggest 30-60 minutes of strength training each week is enough to experience the benefits. Creating a workout regimen that not only works an athlete’s full body, but also fits into his/her lifestyle is key to making that 30-60 happen each week.

A TheraBand CLX program is a great way to make strength training fit right in. Start with the above six exercises and then build more targeted programs to support your athletes’ specific strength needs.

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