Nebraska Strength and Conditioning Principles

September 23, 2015

The following are the "Ten Principles for Strength and Conditioning" developed by Boyd Epley at the University of Nebraska in 1991.

1.  Multiple-Joint Actions

Incorporate exercises that integrate muscle chains to regulate the function of linked multiple joint actions.

2. Ground-Based Activities

Select activities that apply muscular force with feet against the ground.

3. Three-Dimensional Movements

Use free weight, complex, self-organizing movements in both space and time, adjusted to environmental changes. 

4. Explosive Training

Maximize muscular power development, which is dependent on optimal velocity and appropriate force.

5.  Progressive Overload

Use loads greater than normal and adapt training to enable safe progressive increases.

6.  Seasonal Application

Vary the training load to stimulate performance gains over long periods of time to maximize both in-season and off-season improvement.

7.  Split Program

Split the program to allow one function of the body to recover and rebuild while working other body functions.

8.  Heavy-Light System

Use hard-easy system to eliminate overtraining and mental burnout; vary the intensity and volume of weekly training loads.  

9.  Interval Training

Achieve more work at higher intensities safely; alternate exercise bouts with prescribed rest intervals.

10. Correct Energy System

Train the correct energy system, using the intensity and duration required to meet the energy needs of the sport.



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