May 11, 2022
Rogue Fitness to Manufacture & Distribute Kabuki Strength’s Bench Bar

Kabuki Strength, America’s leader in the design and manufacturing of biomechanically sound specialty barbells, is pleased to announce that Rogue Fitness will soon begin manufacturing and distributing its Kadillac Bar, supporting the overwhelming demand for the popular training tool.

Rogue Fitness, the largest strength and conditioning manufacturer in the world, will manufacture Kabuki Strength’s Kadillac Bar on state-of-the-art metal fabrication machinery in Columbus, Ohio. Rogue Fitness will also serve as a Midwest-based point of support, complementing Kabuki Strength’s own continued production and shipping of the popular specialty bar at its Pacific Northwest facilities.

kabukiThis partnership will allow for a reduction in shipping costs to Midwest and east coast customers, reduced lead times, and facilitate international shipping to Europe and Australia. Rogue Fitness is currently a major distributor of Kabuki Strength’s Duffalo Bar, ShouldeRok and IASTM tools.

“Our partnership with Rogue Fitness signifies an exciting evolution in our expanding relationship,” said Rudy Kadlub, CEO of Kabuki Strength. “Kabuki’s Kadillac Bar is one of our most sought-after products and we’ll now be able to meet the continued demand through the support of a trusted partner that places the same value on innovation and customer experience as we do. We look forward to working together on future projects and products.”

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Kabuki Strength’s product engineers have worked closely with Rogue’s team to ensure that the Kadillac Bar’s manufacturing in Columbus, OH will meet the exact specifications and standards for which this bar is widely known; the Kadillac Bar will remain the same product in every capacity whether it is produced in the Rogue Fitness or Kabuki Strength facilities.

The Kadillac Bar is the ultimate multi-grip specialty bench bar – allowing for increased range of motion, improved biomechanics, and reduced injury risk. With 10-degree, 12.5-degree, and 15-degree grip angles and varying distances between grips, the Kadillac Bar promotes optimal joint position and movement mechanics. The widely praised specialty bar is used in the training facilities of most MLB, NFL, and NBA teams.

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