May 28, 2015
UC Davis Football’s Team Approach to Injury Prevention

The University of California-Davis football team is using new strategies to prevent injury after a number of players were sidelined last season. The head coach, athletic trainer, and new strength coach have worked together to develop a three-pronged approach to protecting their athletes.

As reported by The Sacramento Bee, the following safety measures have been implemented for the Aggies’ spring training:

  • Head Coach Ron Gould has players wear padded covers, called Guardian Caps, on their helmets, and they have not had any concussions.

“It’s been a lifesaver for our players,” said Gould.

  • Athletic Trainer Julieta Guzman has designed core flexibility tests for the players. If they don’t pass, they have to meet with her three times a week.

“Guys were getting out of their breaks and changing direction real well,” Gould told The Bee. “That’s all a tribute to her and her staff.”

  • In the weight room, new Strength and Conditioning Coach John Krasinski creates a team environment by having all the players wear the same uniform. When designing workouts, however, he tailors routines to each player’s position.

“You look at the physical demands of each position, and they are not at all similar. A receiver running routes and a lineman blocking, they’re two completely different things. Why would I train them the same?”

Junior quarterback Ben Scott appreciates the safety measures.

“You can’t play the game hoping you don’t get hurt, because that’s when you get hurt,” Scott said. “But I think it’s great that they are taking all these steps, especially with concussions because they are a big deal.”

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