Mar 24, 2017
The Right Brace for Every Volleyball Player

According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, fifteen percent of all sports-related injuries are ankle-related, making it the most common injury. This number is even more staggering for volleyball players, where ankle injuries make up 24% of all reported incidences. These numbers paint a clear picture: ankle protection is imperative for all athletes, especially volleyball players. Volleyball demands quick bursts of movement, and without protection, these actions can become taxing on the ankles.

At Active Ankle, our experts understand that the needs of every volleyball player are different. Some players need a brace that offers the most protection, some need a brace that offers the most mobility, and others are somewhere in between. No matter the ankle state and position on the court, Active Ankle has a brace for every volleyball player. When players wear ankle braces, they’re less prone to injuries and can feel more confident in their movements.

“Active Ankle braces prevent injuries to our athletes while making them feel secure that they can go hard in training. I think Active Ankle braces are a necessary part of a volleyball player’s uniform.”  – Dave Boos, collegiate volleyball coach

Front Row Players

Front row volleyball players are more susceptible to injuries caused by lateral movements, frequent jumping, and dangerous under-the-net contact. Trust the rigid Eclipse II and T2 braces to protect ankles more than any other brace.

The new Eclipse II offers the maximum amount of protection of any Active Ankle brace with its rigid bracing, offset bilateral hinge, and multi-point strapping system. And its tighter, more comprehensive fit gives the Eclipse II additional support and improved comfort when compared to other rigid braces.

The tried and true T2 is another excellent option for front row players. Our most popular brace for volleyball players has a new and improved material that makes it 10 times more durable than previous T2 braces.

Back Row Players

While back row players still have an obvious need for protection, defensive movements require a higher level of mobility. Some players may feel rigid braces are too restrictive and prevent comfortable digging and diving motions.

The Active Ankle Eclipse I is our newest design that’s unlike any other brace on the market. This rigid brace features an open, padded interior and rigid exterior support. This allows for complete inversion protection without sacrificing mobility, making it a perfect alternative for back row players in need of more mobility.

For back row players that feel a semi-rigid brace is still too limiting, the AS1 Pro is a great option. This lace-up brace provides the protection and feel of a tape job, allowing for less bulk and more comfort than a rigid brace.

Other Options

Many volleyball players choose not to wear braces because they feel their ankles are strong enough to withstand the normal force of competition. This leaves a player’s ankles more vulnerable to the uncontrollable factors of the game, such as under-the-net contact and sudden unexpected movements.

For volleyball players who don’t like wearing braces or feel they’re too uncomfortable, the Active Ankle 329 sleeve is a low-profile ankle support. This support fits like a compression sleeve and includes straps that allow for increased protection. It’s great for a player who’s never worn a brace before but needs more support during competitive play.

No matter the sport, ankle condition, or position on the court, Active Ankle has a brace for every athlete.

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