Jan 29, 2015
Rhabdomyolysis at Ohio State

Four members of the Ohio State University women’s lacrosse team recently were hospitalized with rhabdomyolysis, a condition sometimes associated with intense workouts in which muscle fibers break down and release a protein called myoglobin into the bloodstream, which potentially can harm the kidneys. The students have been tested, none has kidney damage, and all four are expected to recover, Chris Kaeding, MD, Head Team Physician for Ohio State’s athletics department, told The Columbus Dispatch.

“They’re fine. We don’t anticipate any significant long-term consequences,” Kaeding said. “They had an intense workout. … As a precautionary measure, they were admitted and treated with hydration and observation.”

Last year, 13 University of Iowa football players were hospitalized with rhabdomyolysis, making national headlines and bringing attention the rare condition. A follow-up report cleared the coaches of any wrongdoing, however, it recommended that the team eliminate an intense squat workout that may have contributed to the incidents.

T&C wrote about the causes of rhabdomyolysis and how to prevent it in an article titled, “Too Much Too Soon.”

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