Oct 18, 2016
Recover Rapidly and Safely


Pro-Tec is committed to bringing the best products to market in the sports medicine industry. In 2016, a variety of upgrades have been made to existing best sellers. These upgrades involve top of the line neoprene and knit materials, combined with high-end contoured EVA pads to provide targeted compression in Pro-Tec supports. The EVA foam increases comfort and stabilization for supports such as the IT Band compression support, Achilles tendon support, shin splints Wrap, Arch Pro-Tec, etc. By continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, the company’s new product designs are fulfilling its mission of keeping people healthy and active as a premium sports medicine brand.

About the Company

Pro-Tec Athletics is a leading sports medicine company specializing in orthopedic supports, hot/cold therapy, and massage therapy products. Most products include injury guides, which provide strengthening exercises to expedite the recovery process. In 2016, Pro-Tec Athletics will maintain the highest levels of innovation, execution, and customer service to impart the knowledge and tools needed for athletes to recover rapidly and safely.




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