Apr 18, 2016
Over-the-Shoe Ankle Brace designed at Notre Dame.

Introducing the TayCo Ankle Brace, an over-the-shoe fit ankle brace. This quick fit ankle brace was designed as a football in-game support system to provide additional stability to allow the player to safely finish the contest. Its’ purpose is extra support when an ankle tape job and spatting the shoe are not enough. Designed with lineman in mind, the brace is molded to fit a mid to high top shoe. A lower profile version is also available for skill players to accommodate a low cut shoe. TayCo is an OTC brace that is made independently for right and left ankles for a more anatomically correct fit.  The hinged uprights are attached to a solid piece that encompasses a portion of the medial and lateral aspects of the foot and the entire heal.  A non-removable Velcro strap across the dorsal aspect of the foot secures the brace to the foot while the two up-rights are secured with athletic tape.  TayCo comes in two sizes: large to accommodate sizes 11-13 and x-large to accommodate sizes 14-16 in the lineman version. The lower profile skill player style for low cut shoes has a size medium accommodating sizes 9-11 and a large that fits 12-14 size shoes. Other key components and benefits include:

  • Works in place of the standard in-shoe ankle braces, eliminating the need to change shoe sizes to accommodate the in-shoe brace.
  • Allows the athlete who wears orthotics to maintain that in-shoe correction without compromise.
  • Can be worn as post-injury brace as well. After a couple of applications, the brace conforms even more anatomically to the athlete’s individual ankle structure.
  • Optimal application for participation in football is taping the brace on over the shoe (spatting).
  • Velcro strapping application option on the hinged uprights can be applied in the case of using the brace for post-injury everyday living activity.
  • Can be worn prophylactically if desired.
  • Can be used for all outdoor sports that utilize cleats; Lacrosse, Baseball, and Soccer.
  • Can be used in a non-athletic setting as well for either support during work or everyday living.

The TayCo Ankle Brace was designed in 2012 and has been used consistently with the University of Notre Dame football team. Former two-time captain and starting center for Notre Dame Nick Martin wore the TayCo Brace for over half of the 2015 season.

 “The TayCo Ankle Brace helped me get through my senior season. It gave me the stability and support I needed to play at a high level through a high ankle sprain. It gave me as an athlete the comfort to play at full speed even with the injury.” – Nick Martin, 2014-2015 Captain

“The TayCo Ankle Brace has proven to be an extremely beneficial appliance, especially for lineman who sustain an ankle injury during practice or game. It can quickly be applied over the cleat and taped on to provide a highly functional and supportive apparatus to allow a player to safely return to play. During the 2015 season, three of our five starting offensive linemen wore the TayCo for a majority of the season.”

Mike Bean, Associate Athletic Trainer, University of Notre Dame

For more information on the TayCo Ankle Brace and its’ uses contact Mike Bean at [email protected]

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