Oct 13, 2016
Notre Dame Hit With Lawsuit

On October 4, a lawsuit by Edelson PC accused the University of Notre Dame, along with the NCAA of “reckless disregard for the health and safety of generations of Notre Dame student-athletes,” through hiding information about the long-term effects of concussions.

According to The Observer, the complaint states that Gary Gray, who played football for Notre Dame from 2007 to 2011, experienced multiple concussions while on the team, and because he was not properly treated, he now has anxiety, depression, and mood swings. The complaint alleges that Notre Dame ordered players to ignore their symptoms and continue playing, and did not contact former players about the possibility of long-term brain damage.

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The report also alleges that the NCAA did not include concussions’ dangers in the Sports Medicine handbook until 1994, and after that, left treating and preventing concussions up to individual schools, which resulted in Notre Dame having inadequate guidelines in place until 2010. The lawsuit specifically accuses Notre Dame and the NCAA for breach of implied contract, fraudulent concealment, negligence, and unjust enrichment.

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