Sep 2, 2015
NC State Creates In-House Recovery Drink

The North Carolina State University Athletic Department has teamed up with its Department of Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences to create a unique, homemade recovery drink for N.C. State athletes. The drink, called Power Pack protein milk, is comprised of low-fat chocolate milk and whey protein and has been a big hit with student-athletes so far.

As reported at, the idea began with Carl Hollifield, the pilot plant business manager of the Department of Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences. With that idea, a team of food science students experimented with different formulas and approached the athletic department about marketing a drink specifically to athletes for recovery. Power Pack is made with milk from the on-campus dairy farm. Other components include a whey protein isolate called Bipro, sugar, and cocoa.

“Basically we take raw milk from the farm and pasteurize it, harmonize it, and then we add the ingredients,” Hollifield said.

Power Pack aids in building muscle, but it’s not designed for everyone. The drink is best for those who engage in intense physical activity.

“It’s a milk product, so it’s going to be good for you,” Director of Sports Nutrition Diana Nguyen said. “It’s not going to be overloaded with a bunch of sugars, but if you’re just a weekend warrior, you really don’t need it for a recovery drink.

“Many of our athletes love it,” she adds. “It’s not just for football; it’s not just for basketball. I don’t recommend it to all my athletes, but for many of them, it is a good option for recovery. So, we’ll continue to order it all year long.”


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