Oct 3, 2016
Keep Your Athletes in the Game and Performing at Their Best

Have you ever heard of an athletic insole specifically engineered to help athletes win? We’re talking about a product built for athletes to help them win. Win by performing better. Win by staying in the game. Win by getting back in the game more quickly after injury. Introducing VKTRY Performance Insoles.

Originally developed for the USA Olympic Bobsled Team to improve explosiveness during the push phase of the race, VKTRY Performance Insoles, or VKs, are currently used by over 50 pro teams and universities to help improve athletic performance and better protect against injury.

How do VKs help athletes stay in the game? Lower leg protection benefits from wearing VKs in your current cleats and shoes include:

Enhanced Shock Absorption

When an athlete uses VKs, the insole absorbs shock at heel strike…and during midstance. Upon landing after a jump, the VK flexes at the ball of the foot, helping with deceleration. This added shock absorption reduces load on the athlete’s joints and helps to reduce the chances of nagging foot injuries, such as plantar fasciitis and tendonitis.

Added Protection Against Turf Toe Injury

Since VKs provide a degree of resistance when the foot is flexed, the athlete receives added protection against the possibility of hyperextending the front of the foot which can lead to turf toe.

Improved Lateral Stability

Some athletic shoes are designed to be very lightweight, but may lack structural integrity. When an athlete makes a cut or pushes off, a lightweight shoe can give in to that sideways force. The full-length carbon fiber base of the VK provides a more stable base to improve lateral movement and reduce the chances of rolling an ankle when cutting, stopping or landing.

In addition to providing added protection against injuries, VKs are also helpful for athletes in the recovery of foot injuries. As the injured athlete rehabs, VKs can act as a “splint” while also providing that little extra push that a recovering athlete might be lacking.

Want to know how VKs return ground force back to athletes in the form of improved speed and jumping height?  Go to www.vktrygear.com

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