Aug 11, 2016
Keep Your Athletes Hydrated

The NATA Position Statement: Fluid Replacement, reports that athletes who are dehydrated can compromise their athletic performance and increase their risk for exertional heat illness. As little as a 2% loss of body weight due to dehydration can cause as much as a 25% loss in performance. The days of a cooler and a few water bottles at practice or game are over. It is well established in the sports medicine evidence that an exercising athlete needs at least 8 oz. of fluid every 15 minutes to maintain proper physiologic function of cells, and proper osmolality of body fluids.

Since 1998, WissTech Enterprises, America’s premier portable beverage manufacturer has produced the Hydration Station brand of athletic drinking fountains. WissTech Enterprises was founded by long time Certified Athletic Trainer Bill Wissen for use in his athletic training practice. Wissen is an NATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer, and a NATA District 6 Hall of Famer. He spent more than 30 years working with hot, sweaty athletes at one of the largest Secondary schools in the State of Texas. His understanding of athletic hydration is second to none. Wissen’s expertise in the prevention and care of exertional heat illness led him to engineer and manufacture the World’s Finest Portable Drinking Fountain, the Hydration Station brand of portable drinking fountains.

From the ground up, quality components are integrated in the Hydration Station for low maintenance and dependability for years to come. Some of the original Hydration Stations manufactured 18 years ago are still in use today. This longevity doesn’t happen by cutting corners, using cheap plastic parts, or cutting costs in the production of portable drinking fountains. From the galvanized industrial triple point greaseable casters with no-flat foam tires, to the triple bent hand welded aluminum carts, to the high volume pump – the same pump used since day 1 – add to the durability and longevity of the Hydration Station. Over the years, many competitors have copied innovations introduced by WissTech Enterprises, however the quality of the Hydration Station cannot be duplicated. The latest innovation from WissTech Enterprises is the introduction of the proprietary “bend water nozzle.”  This one thumb activated drinking nozzle is constructed of a water potable brass body and urethane tip. It produces a variable stream of water, and is now the industry standard. Why struggle with cheap plastic squeeze nozzles from bug sprayers? Upgrade to the best nozzle on the market, the “bend water nozzle.”

The Hydration Station is manufactured in three sizes. The Team Mate is a 20 gallon upright model on an all-aluminum dolly that will not rust on the athletic training room floor. The Tanker 35 is a 35 gallon UV resistant tank on a solidly constructed 4 wheel cart that is towable behind a golf cart or utility vehicle.  The Mega Tanker is a 50 gallon behemoth with twin pump boxes and 12 drinking hoses that is also towable. For working professionals that have aging machines, or broken machines, the Portable Hydration Station is a replacement pump box with 6 hoses, battery and charger. WissTech Enterprises holds a patent license for repair and replacement of the early industry standard – the Aqualift. The Portable Hydration Station is a direct replacement of the Aqualift pump box – right down to the 4 bolts that hold the pump box on the dolly. The Portable Hydration Station is quickly becoming the “go to” for the NFL athletic trainers replacing their aging Aqualift fleet.

When in doubt, answer your frustration with other manufacturer’s inferior products. Look to the “top of the line” portable drinking fountains, and put them to use with your athletes. For more information refer to for all of your hydration needs. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you hydrate your athletes correctly.

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