Oct 5, 2017
Identifying Athlete Needs

No two athletes are alike—so their exercise, nutrition, and health regimens shouldn’t be either. With CoachMePlus’ Athlete Performance System, coaches and athletic trainers are able to customize their software app to track specific data for each individual athlete and clients, helping them to make informed choices and prepare them for peak performance.

“We work directly with teams or high performance facilities to find out what they need,” says CoachMePlus Sports Performance Specialist and Founding Coach Doug McKenney. “We want to help each organization effectively collect the right data, put it in a place where they can easily understand and analyze it, and improve their program.”

With CoachMePlus, each athlete’s individual training efforts and performance is tracked, analyzed, reported, and managed all in one place. By tracking and profiling data over time, the visuals on this platform can be used to educate athletes on the actions behind their improvements, as well as to help both coaches and athletes recognize risk factors and take action to reduce the chances of injury.

Through an application that has been built with the desires of strength professionals in mind, the athletes’ data is used to create customized workout routines, helping coaches move their athletes in a direction that enhances their abilities on a day-to-day basis. With a built-in messaging platform to allow communication between coaches, athletic trainers, and other sports medicine staff, CoachMePlus provides the most complete tool to safely prepare any organization for competition.

“Everybody should be able to benefit from an athlete performance system,” says McKenney. “One of CoachMePlus’ strong suits is that we integrate many tools beyond wearables. We aren’t built just for large budget organizations. We have built packages for smaller teams, schools and gyms that can fill a need for you when it comes to improving your athlete’s performance and reducing their chance for injury.” 


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