Sep 28, 2018
Game Canceled Due to Hand, Foot, Mouth Diease

A high school football game in Maine was canceled due to concerns over hand, foot and mouth disease, which was being reported at one of the schools.

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According to the Press Herald, on Thursday night, Scarborough High sent out a letter saying that Massabesic High has reported cases of coxsackie virus, which causes hand, foot and mouth disease. The disease, normally seen in infants and toddlers, is highly contagious but typically not considered a serious health threat to adolescents. 

The game is not expected to be rescheduled.

“We understand that this news is disappointing and impacts some of our homecoming plans but our student’s health and safety is our number one priority,” Scraborough officials said in a letter announcing the cancellation.

Michael Bisson, assistant executive director at the Maine Principals’ Association, said the situation was highly unusual.

“We’re trying to remember a time where we’ve had to cancel a football game,” Bisson said. “This is kind of a new one for us.”

Mike LeGage, Athletics/Activities Director for Scarborough, said the students’ well-being came first.

“We don’t have any plans to play (Friday, Saturday) or Monday. Beyond that I don’t know where it would fit in,” LeGage said. “Nothing is worth a child’s safety. No game. No Heal points. Nothing. So that was in the front of our mind. That makes these decisions a little less complicated.”

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