Jul 21, 2016
Flywheel Training: Rotational Power.

Strength and preventative conditioning for the explosive athlete.

The benefit when training with a flywheel is the inertia. Inertia is built up as the flywheel increases in speed as the user performs a movement. The faster the flywheel is moving the more the user has to decelerate the inertia created. The flywheel offers unrestricted accommodating force throughout the entire range of any concentric movement. In doing so, it challenges the muscles to overload in the eccentric action. When training to develop explosive strength you must train the eccentric phase, which is why the VersaPulley is a perfect tool.

Training with a weight stack has limitations; when moving fast the inertia of the plates causes them to fly and reduces resistance. Using air compression has its limitation as well, with no inertial eccentric deceleration. Using inertia and a flywheel there is a greater and longer force generated both in the concentric and eccentric movement.

Most sports require a movement with a three dimensional acceleration and deceleration. A great advantage in using the VersaPulley with inertial resistance is you can train the athlete in any movement plane and in an efficient manner.

Here are two movements performed on the VersaPulley to help rotational power:

1. Lateral Push off

This is a great exercise or movement for any athlete that has to decelerate – load- and push off the back leg. Here he is loading and squatting through the lower body and rotating through the core. Driving through the lower body creates stiffness on the front leg. As he accelerates through his hip, he generates rotational power that transfers through the upper body. Maintaining lateral stability is important as to not leak the force or power that is being produced.

2. The Swing or Horizontal Chop

This move is a good one for any stick and ball athlete. Here in the swing or horizontal chop, the back leg is loaded as he drives forward and then back having to decelerate and absorb load in the eccentric phase. The more force you can absorb eccentrically the more force you can reapply concentrically. Since the key in sport performance is producing more force in less time and minimizing the risk of injury, the VersaPulley is an essential tool to have in your training arsenal.

The flywheel offers unrestricted accommodating force throughout the entire range of any concentric movement.

To watch video illustrations of the exercises, go to the VersaClimber YouTube Channel:

www.youtube.com/user/1versaclimber1/playlists VersaPulley Rotational Power

Riley Ross NSCA-CPT, NASM-PES, FNS, MMA Conditioning • www.thetreigninglab.com







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