Jun 26, 2017
Fill Bottles Simultaneously

Unique Advantages

The ULTIMATE in Team Hydration Systems are here.  The Gen2 Horizontal Power and Chiller Filling Stations incorporate a 4-port bottle-filling system into Waterboy’s industry-leading Gen2 Horizontal systems. Now you can fill up to four bottles simultaneously and still have eight drinking nozzles. You get all of the proven benefits (durability, convenience, and sanitary) of the Waterboy Sports Gen2 Horizontal Systems plus you can quickly fill bottles. These systems include four, six-bottle, collapsible carriers, 24 Quick-fill Valve equipped bottles and a customized shelf system to hold them. Waterboy’s patented Quick-fill Valves allow bottles to be refilled without removing the lids, virtually eliminating opportunities for contact between unsanitary hands and the bottle spouts.

The Gen2 Horizontal Power Systems have 55-gallon tanks (insulating sleeves are available) and removable Power Packs with rechargeable batteries and EPA-approved, drinking-water-safe certified pumps, making them fully mobile.

The Horizontal Chiller Systems connect to a drinking water spigot to provide an unlimited water supply. The Chiller System housing, when filled with ice, cools the chiller coils, which in turn, chill the water as it flows through them and out to the manifolds and drinking nozzles.

All Gen2 Horizontal Systems feature Flat-free, caster wheels, aluminum wagons, and superstructure, residential-grade PVC manifolds with aluminum sleeves.

About the Company

Waterboy Sports is a family-owned American business located in Orlando, Fla. The company’s goal is your satisfaction; that’s why we build our systems to last.



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