Oct 13, 2020
Dallas Surgeons Weigh In on Dak Prescott Injury

The hearts of Dallas Cowboys fans collectively sank Sunday evening when franchise quarterback Dak Prescott left in the second half with a gruesome leg injury.

The Pro Bowl quarterback was diagnosed with a dislocation and a compound fracture of his ankle. The surgery and lengthy rehabilitation process will, in all likelihood, spell the end of the 2020-21 season for Prescott, who turned down five-year, nine-figure deal in the summer to press his luck in free agency after this season.

Photo: Keith Allison / Creative Commons

In an interview with NBC5-Dallas/Fort Worth, Dr. Pat Peters with North Texas Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, who is not treating Prescott, shared some insights on the QB’s nasty injury.

“Typically we’ll put either screws or plates in to hold the bone in position and allow them to heal in a normal alignment,” Peters told NBC5. “Once the healing occurs or is far enough along then early rehabilitation is usually started to get the joint moving soon. I’m sure Dak is in excellent condition. He is healthy. He should have excellent healing potential. Then I would suspect that when he does his rehab he will be a superstar in doing that.”

Dr. Keith Heier, an orthopedic surgeon who works as a foot and ankle specialist for FC Dallas, was able to theorize about the nature of the injury to NBC5.

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“Almost assuredly he is going to have a fractured dislocation of his ankle. The way he went down with his foot kind of flat foot with foot rolling in gives you what is called a pronation external rotation fracture,” Heier told NBC5. “It looks really scary on video but they can really do well with this. It’s a little bit more routine than even an ACL injury. It takes a little bit of rehab to get back, but really most cases they can really be back to normal and do very well long term.”

To read the full story from NBC5-Dallas/Fort Worth, click here

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