Nov 16, 2017
An Efficient Approach to Effective Neck Training

Published research over the last few years shows neck strengthening to be a proactive approach to reducing concussion risk. Craig Fitzgerald, head strength & conditioning coach for the Houston Texans, who implemented the Iron Neck program earlier this year understands the risks athletes face on the field and takes player safety seriously. “As a coach, your first priority should be safety and the first priority of safety in a contact sport should be your neck.”

Not much has changed in the past 50 years with how athletes train their necks. Four way neck machines, neck harnesses, and partner resistance have been at the core of most team’s neck training programs. The Iron Neck is a dynamic piece of equipment that has disrupted traditional methods, enabling coaches at every level to implement a more efficient, consistent, and measurable neck training program.

“Space, footprint, and time are critical in the weight room,” says Fitzgerald. “With Iron Neck you have a tool you can use standing up so the whole body is engaged, there’s no big machine taking up footprint, and it’s incredibly efficient to cycle our players through.”


Implementing a reliable neck training program has been a challenge for many coaches. “I’ve spoken with hundreds of strength & conditioning coaches over the past several years,” says Mike Jolly, founder of the Iron Neck. “Many programs don’t pay enough attention to the neck, especially with youth and female athletes. One factor is there hasn’t been a feasible neck training option. Players conducting manual resistance is inconsistent and unreliable, while four-way neck machines are too expensive and take up valuable space.”


Iron Neck can be seamlessly integrated into existing team training programs, without taking up any space or adding time to the overall workout. Iron Neck training is a proactive approach to concussion management for every athlete, male and female. With Iron Neck, now you can have the confidence to implement an effective program you know will generate results.

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