2016 July/August (Volume XXVI, No. 05)

All Wrapped Up

At the University of Florida, rehabbing athletes can be found lifting low loads with a tourniquet fastened around their injured limbs. Called blood flow restriction training, this method is getting them back to activity faster and stronger… more »

Applying Science at Notre Dame

Duncan French, PhD, CSCS, USAW, is a foreign man in a new land, which is appropriate since he faces uncharted waters in his new position as Director of Performance Science at the University of Notre Dame. A veteran European strength and conditioning coach who has a PhD in exercise physiology, French was brought to Notre Dame in January to help improve the athletic department’s performance enhancement services… more »

Cameras Rolling

Athletic trainers are used to working behind the scenes, so they are rarely thrust into the national spotlight of a primetime television show. But that’s just what happened to Mathew Miller, MS, ATC, CSCS, a Las Vegas-based athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach who recently showcased his skills for the NBC reality television show “Strong.”.. more »

Considering a Male Athlete Triad

Almost 25 years ago, the Female Athlete Triad was identified, and it’s become a well-known concept in sports medicine circles. A new paper has proposed that a similar condition presenting with deficits in nutrition, reduction in sex hormones, and/or impaired bone health may also affect male athletes… more »

IOC Updates Transgender Athlete Guidelines

Athletic organizations the world over have struggled with drafting legislation to address the participation of transgender athletes. Now, a groundbreaking ruling by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) may provide an example for others to follow. The new recommendations allow transgender athletes to compete without having sex reassignment surgery… more »

On Course

Proper nutrition is needed to propel triathletes from swim, to bike, to run. Developing a dedicated fueling and hydration plan can start them on the right path… more »

Open For Business

Unique sports medicine clinics are popping up across the country, and Marshall University is leading the way with a pair of innovative new facilities. Take a look inside both in this two-part article… more »

Raising the Bar

By creating a successful strength and conditioning program at the University of Mary Washington, this author has set an example for other small schools to follow… more »

Serving Up Variety

No two in-season workouts are the same for the Vanderbilt University women’s tennis team, which keeps players on their toes and enhances their neuromuscular strength… more »

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