Jan 29, 2015
Keeping Athletes In The Game

As a small institution competing in NCAA Division III, Bowdoin College doesn’t have the depth on its team rosters to stay competitive if starters and first-stringers miss playing time due to injury. That’s one reason why Bowdoin purchased a Coldtub early last year.

“We really need to keep our best athletes on the field–through soreness and even through some injuries as long as it’s safe to do so,” says Dan Davies, Bowdoin’s Director of Athletic Training. “We do everything we can to keep them in the game.

“We have 25 to 35 athletes using it every day, and it has been a huge help to our teams,” Davies adds. “As just one example, our quarterback suffered four injuries this past season, but he played in every single game. If we didn’t have the Coldtub to help with his swelling, soreness, and recovery, I don’t think that would have happened.”

Of course, many cold water therapy tubs and whirlpools can produce similar benefits. So what sets the Coldtub apart? “For us, the biggest thing is athlete safety,” Davies explains. “We’re always concerned about protecting our athletes from MRSA and other staph infections. The Coldtub has a filtration and purification system, so we know the water is clean and that one person who uses the tub isn’t transmitting bacteria to everyone else who uses it afterward. In addition, there’s a bacteria-resistant lining that provides an extra measure of protection.”

Convenience is another key factor. Unlike other tubs, which need to be professionally installed or “built in” to the facility, the Coldtub is completely portable and can be placed practically anywhere. “We chose a spot for it, wheeled it into our facility, plugged it in, and we were all set,” Davies says. “We didn’t have to worry about installing new plumbing or anything. That also makes the system much more cost-effective than other cold water therapy units.”

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