Mar 24, 2017
For A Loss
Josh Hingst

Weight control among athletes represents an interesting paradox. Hypothetically, it should be easy for active individuals to achieve and maintain an ideal weight — after all, we know what factors govern body weight and how to manipulate energy input and output to produce changes in body size and composition. Yet if you asked a group of athletes what they would most like to change about themselves to improve performance, at least a few of them would probably talk about wanting to weigh less.

Optimal daily calorie intake for athletes looking to lose weight varies. But whatever their calorie goals, athletes should look to spread their energy consumption across five to six small meals per day. Here’s one example of a day’s food intake that achieves this benchmark while providing roughly 2,500 kcal of energy.


Breakfast: One cup of lowfat cottage cheese, a banana, and a cup of healthy cereal like Kashi

Mid-Morning Snack: Apple and one cup of lowfat yogurt

Lunch: Turkey sandwich (with cheese and three ounces of meat) and one cup of broccoli

Pre-workout: Two cups of skim milk and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Post-workout: Recovery shake or 16 ounces of chocolate skim milk

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast (six ounces), mixed vegetables (1.5 cups), and whole wheat pasta (1.5 cups)

Josh Hingst, MS, RD, SCCC, is strength and conditioning coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. He has also worked as an assistant strength and conditioning coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars and as the Director of Sports Nutrition at the University of Nebraska.

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