Oct 11, 2023
Designing the perfect weight room for any coach, trainer or athlete

How the University of Michigan makes the most out of REGUPOL’s flooring

(Sponsored) Advancing technology in indoor sports surfacing, including running tracks, turf shock pads, vibration isolation products, and acoustic underlayments, REGUPOL has guaranteed quality products for athletic trainers and athletes for over 65 years.

Engineered in Germany and made in America, REGUPOL provides solutions while delivering exceptional customer service. As the first company to recycle tires into rubber flooring, REGUPOL helps push the elements to provide the best results. REGUPOL uses both sustainable and recycled materials and is GreenCircle Certified, a coveted distinction confirming that REGUPOL’s product and raw material sources are third-party verified and tested thoroughly according to sustainability standards. Plus, using recycled materials creates a safe and comfortable surface for athletes and trainers.

REGUPOL had the opportunity to re-design the University of Michigan’s weight room in 2018. Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, his athletes and training staff are ecstatic with what REGUPOL accomplished.

“You get to (walk in) to something extraordinary which is this weight room. This is the centerpiece of our player’s development,” Harbaugh said. “There’s a lot of opportunity in here. Guys will look around and say, ‘Where’s my opportunity? How do I get better?’ It starts right here.”
*Quote courtesy of WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7 – Jim Harbaugh shows off Michigan’s football facility: exclusive tour of training center.

The University of Michigan’s weight room has 36,000 square feet of space for athletes to train hard and perform their best. Part of what makes this weight room stand out is the custom colors and blends REGUPOL has to offer.

REGUPOL offers a broad range of colors for in-laid logos and text. Customization, brand recognition, loyalty, and targeted marketing are important in the athletic community. With customization and color blended throughout the product, athletes can perform their hardest and leave with (a feeling of) inspiration and pride.

Sales and Design Consultant for RFS Sports Flooring & Locker in Kemah, Texas, Jenna Addison, guides her clients through designing a safe, functional, aesthetically pleasing facility layout for trainers and athletes. A well- planned physical space is vital in athletic programs. That’s why REGOPUL works directly with its clients and tailors to their specific needs.

“A well-planned weight room layout makes all the difference in the world for a training program,” Addison said. “How athletes move through the room, where things are used or stored and where coaches can stand with optimal lines of sight are all huge factors in a proper layout. Finding the priority of the training program and incorporating that while maintaining safe distances is key.”

Addison also believes performance flooring and surfaces have ultimately helped evolve training methods.

“I think that with the evolution of training techniques, the coaches and training staff have started to look more into what can give them an edge over the competition and, more often than not, that edge to keep players healthy and on the playing field. A proper floor or playing surface can make all the difference,” she continued. REGUPOL is often the first choice for flooring solutions among athletic facilities because of its quality, performance ability, customization, and more.

“I have seen that the consistency and quality of REGUPOL’s flooring over time has made a tremendous. difference in training programs,” Addison said.

REGUPOL prides itself on customer service — listening to its clients and developing flooring for any athlete or trainer. With quality at the forefront, REGUPOL guarantees to produce high-performance products that revolutionize training sessions — going well beyond “fitness for purpose.”

For more information about REGUPOL, visit www.regupol.us.

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