May 16, 2018
Q&A with Jesse Campanaro, CEO of Total Gym

Q: Total Gym has been a leader in the industry for 44 years. A lot has changed in that time – Who is Total Gym today?

In many respects, Total Gym is the same core company. Our focus has been, and remains, human performance through bodyweight training. We’ve been pioneering functional, bodyweight training since 1974 and today we’ve taken those 40 plus years of expertise and turned it into our most dynamic equipment yet with the introduction of our ELEVATE and Recovery Series. This equipment represents the finest in body weight and functional training solutions facilities, trainers, and consumers.

Q: We know Total Gym is based on bodyweight training, why is that the bedrock of your products?

Bodyweight training has always been the foundation of our training principles because it is an effective and safe way to train. When done correctly, bodyweight training can help strengthen muscles, improve range of motion, aid in joint stability, and provide a great cardio workout and I think you see that reflected through the current industry trends. However, for a lot of people, it is hard to lift 100% of your weight. Total Gym equipment has been designed to provide a way for people to unload a percentage of their body weight, and train in an unloaded, but still strength driven environment. It’s the best of all worlds.

Q: When it comes to athletic trainers and their clients, what does Total Gym Recovery Series mean for them?

The first markets that took to Total Gym were the rehab and training communities. They have always understood the value of weight bearing, closed chain exercises, so the adoption of our products became standard. With the Recovery Series, we now offer a full suite of equipment that is space efficient and incredibly versatile.  

The LEX (Lower Extremity) is a unique piece taking the market by storm, focused on post-acute, lower extremity, closed chain rehab. With the Encompass and the Encompass PowerTower, you have pieces that can accommodate every type of training from plyometrics & extremity work to strength training & pilates. If you have a small multi-use space, these will be your go-to.

Q: Coming up, what should consumers expect from Total Gym?

We will earn our place in any category we choose to go into, and strive to to be the required brand through our relentless pursuit of providing the best workout experience.  It is through that lens that we will continue to develop and launch innovative and unique products that help millions of people get healthier.



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