Apr 26, 2016
Psychologist Helps Pacers

While most sports professionals help players strengthen their bodies and hone their techniques, Chris Carr works on their minds. Performance psychologist for the NBA’s Indiana Pacers, Carr teaches players how to get into the frame of mind they need in order to win.

According to indystar.com, Carr watches players carefully, reading their body language and paying attention to other cues.

“Dr. Carr is really a great asset,” Solomon Hill, a player for the Pacers, said. “This is so much more of a mental game. He adds a different dynamic to our team.”

From 1978 to 1981, Carr was a psychology student at Wabash University, as well as a two-year starter for the school’s football team. One of his friends encouraged him to look into sports psychology, because sports medicine and athletic training were growing, and a psychological approach would potentially be helpful to both areas.

The Pacers are not the only team to use a sports psychologist, as roughly half of all NBA teams do so. In addition to talking with and observing players, Carr often gives them advice to improve themselves, such as writing in a journal.

“If a player utilizes me and I help them, then that’s awesome,” Carr said.

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