Jul 12, 2016
Olympian Changes Routine

Over the past four years, veteran volleyball player Christa Dietzen has revamped her workout due to injuries. Rather than solely focusing on returning to the court, Dietzen has worked on building muscle and saving wear on her joints through low-impact training.

An article from the Wall Street Journal explains that Dietzen, captain of the U.S. women’s national volleyball team, had a torn superior labrum in her right shoulder that required surgery in February 2013. Later that year, she fell on her knee and started a slow recovery that includes cupping and dry needling, along with low-impact activities like yoga and swimming.

“Volleyball is short bursts of exertion and then rest between points,” Dietzen told the Wall Street Journal. “Swimming is a way for me to get in cardio intervals while taking a load off my joints.”

Along with yoga and swimming, Dietzen practices and scrimmages with the team with two days on the court and one day off. In order to avoid strain, Dietzen uses wearable sensors to streamline her workouts.

“Middle blockers make, on average, 150 to 200 jumps a match,” Dietzen told the Wall Street Journal. “There is no need for me to be doing 200 to 300 jumps per practice.”

Recovery is also an important part of Dietzen’s training, with 45-minute naps after practices and longer naps on the weekends. Before bed, she drinks tart cherry juice for its anti-inflammatory properties and to help with sleep.

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