The facility is also equipped with an overhauled food sanitation system. This is comprised of refrigeration, plumbing, electrical wiring, and food storage, which will ensure compliance with safety standards, the article read. Additional equipment includes four new Ninja blenders which will be used for the preparation of protein smoothies.

The contribution of the nutrition center not only funds the initial construction project, but it also provides ongoing support, according to the article. Kreis says this will provide for supplements such as fruits, pre-made sandwiches, and chocolate milk protein.

“It’s a big competitive edge for us to be on the forefront of everything,” Kreis added to News Channel Nebraska, “with the latest nutritional science and the ability to apply it on a daily basis. Our strength and conditioning programs are maybe one or two hours of an athlete’s day, but the recovery phase is when all the hard work pays off. Those other 22 or 23 hours are just as important as the workouts themselves. What we have now in that area gives us one leg up on the competition, and we hope it gives the student-athletes their best possible experience.”