Feb 12, 2021
California Athletic Trainer & Students Save Dogs From Fire

A California athletic trainer and a group of his student-athletes sprang into action off the field this week — stopping a fire from spreading to a nearby home.

Willi Johnson, an athletic trainer with Fierce Sports, told KRCR-TV, that he was about to start his typical afternoon training session when one of his students saw a doghouse on fire further up in the neighborhood.

Photo: Ada Be / Creative Commons

He noted to the California news outlet that as the flames were getting bigger, Johnson and his students ran towards the property and attempted to put out the flames.

They filled nearby milk jugs and flower pots, using pool water, according to KRCR-TV, to douse the flames.

“It was an adrenaline rush for us because we play football all the time, and it’s just, some of the kids here, they are not scared of nothing,” student Jaylen Johnson said to KRCR-TV. “We just went in there and saw that there was dogs, and heard the dogs barking, so we went over there and our adrenaline just kicked in, we went in and saved them.”

Johnson told the news outlet he and the students were able to save two dogs and a pig in the rescue attempt before the fire department arrived shortly thereafter to overtake the situation.

“For them to go put a fire out like that was a rush for them, they were like we want to go do it again you know and also to even save the animals, and to do that, to give back, I mean that too was amazing for them,” Johnson told KRCR-TV. “I heard the kids afterward talking about it, it was more of an adrenaline rush for them because these kids are thriving off wanting to get back into playing sports.”

To read the full story from KRCR-TV.com, click here

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