Aug 2, 2018
Aqua Creek: Creating a “Tidalwave”

When Aqua Creek Products jumped into the industry in 2002, the company’s mission was simple: to provide high quality aquatic access equipment to a wide range of users, from casual swimmers to aquatic therapy patients.

Before long, its complete aquatic exercise line captured the interest of athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and athletes of all levels. One product making a particular splash is the Tidalwave Aquatic Exercise Bike, which is revolutionizing the way athletic training regimens are programmed.

While the Tidalwave is perfect for all skill levels and offers a low-impact exercise option for therapy patients, coaches and athletes are enjoying the intense and invigorating conditioning sessions also possible on the bike. Each Tidalwave provides multiple resistance settings and an adjustable seat and handlebars to accommodate athletes of all sizes and strengths.

Unlike typical water spin bikes on the market, the Tidalwave can be customized with a sport-style seat to provide athletes with as much comfort as possible during high-intensity workouts. For riders in need of extra stability and support, a recumbent-style seat that leans into a backrest is also available.

One of the biggest challenges athletic trainers face is the rehabilitation of injured athletes, and the Tidalwave is quickly becoming a favored option for many of them. Aquatic therapy users reported experiencing increased muscle strength and endurance, better cardiovascular function and circulation, and a broader range of motion and flexibility. Some have even seen an improvement in their balance and coordination and a decrease in swelling.

The idea of investing in these aquatic exercise bikes may be daunting to some athletic directors, but Aqua Creek took that into consideration. The Tidalwave showcases a unique folding v-frame design, which makes for easy storage, and also features scratch-resistant transport wheels that will not damage the pool’s lining.

To continue their mission and bring even more options to their customers involved in athletics, Aqua Creek has designed a new bike customized specifically for use in aquatic spin classes. It will be released by the end of 2018.


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