Feb 14, 2018
The Modern Art of High Intensity Training

The popularity of high intensity training is on the rise. Variations are everywhere—magazines, television, DVD programs, fitness clubs, and gyms. The reason for this is simple: It works. In fact, research shows that short bouts of high intensity resistance training are just as effective at spiking metabolism as standard workouts lasting an hour or longer. As best-selling author and strength and conditioning coach Aurelien Broussal-Derval shows, there is also an art to the exercise.

In The Modern Art of High Intensity Training, Broussal-Derval offers a visually stunning presentation of the most effective exercises, demanding workouts, and challenging circuits that this audience craves. Along with presenting the five principles of high intensity training, he covers its science and application as well as analysis of movements, the necessity of a proper warm-up, activation and interactions of muscles, load and duration, recovery, injury prevention, and safety considerations.

Boasting 40 exercises, 127 workouts, and a 15-week program, all accompanied by Broussal-Derval’s advice and instruction, The Modern Art of High Intensity Training features the stunning artwork of co-author Stéphane Ganneau. The sleek and stylish approach to his eye-catching illustrations conveys the strength, power, and intensity of the movements and complements the book’s 375 full-color photos.

While there are numerous programs with a range of intimidating names, at the core of high intensity training are terrific exercises and challenging sequences. The Modern Art of High Intensity Training focuses on the movement and the passion, the sport, and the strength of high intensity training.

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Aurélien Broussal-Derval holds master’s degrees in strength and conditioning, sport and rehabilitation, and performance engineering. He also has a degree in sport sciences from the National Institute of Sport and Physical Education (INSEP) in Paris, France. He is the author of French best-sellers Modern Physique Training, Judo Physique TrainingProprioception, and Field Tests: Protocols for Measuring Sport Performance. Broussal-Derval’s career as a strength and conditioning coach is highlighted by his training of Olympic medalists, professional athletes, the French Olympic weightlifting team, the French boxing teams, and the British and Russian judo teams. He currently leads research for France Volleyball and is technical director to one of the world’s premier martial arts studios, the prestigious Cercle Tissier in Vincennes. Broussal-Derval lives in Paris.

Stéphane Ganneau is a professional illustrator and graphic designer. After training in applied arts in Nantes, France, he launched his career in advertising and product design. After 15 years, Ganneau’s independent spirit, need for creativity, and desire for challenge drew him away from industry work. He now merges his love for illustration with his passion for strength training. His strong graphics, expressive lines, and vibrant colors result is a distinctive style that pairs perfectly with The Modern Art of High Intensity Training.

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