Sep 20, 2017
Soy Snacks
Susan Kundrat

An excellent source of key nutrients, soy foods are gaining in popularity among athletes. They are made up of 35 to 38 percent protein, which is higher than most other legumes, which generally contain 20 to 30 percent protein. Even more important is that the protein in soy is ranked as a high-biological value protein, receiving a rating of one (the best possible) from the FDA. That means it contains the protein equivalent of meat and milk. Soy is considered a “complete protein” because all the amino acids needed to form proteins are found in soybeans.

How can athletes get more soy foods into their diets? The following is a list of 10 soy-based foods and snacks athletes can prepare and consume quickly and easily:

Homemade trail mix: 1 cup soy nuts + 1 cup raisins + 1 cup granola (6 servings)

Fruit smoothie: 1/2 cup silken tofu + 1/2 cup OJ + 1/2 cup frozen berries + ice

Pasta sauce: replace ground meat with soy crumbles

Chocolate soy milk: a great snack or chocolate “fix”

Tempeh stir fry: chop one block of tempeh into small pieces and add to veggie stir fry

Soy yogurt: add a sliced banana to 8 ounces vanilla soy yogurt for a quick snack

High-protein salad: mix 1 cup drained soybeans with 1 can drained tuna and fresh veggies

High-protein soup: soak 1/4 cup Textured Vegetable Protein in water for five minutes and add to a can of chunky tomato and veggie soup

Bagel boost: spread a whole grain bagel with two tablespoons soy nut butter

Veggie burger: grill veggie patties (two veggie patties replace the protein in one lean hamburger patty) and add your favorite condiments

Susan Kundrat, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, is a Clinical Associate Professor of Kinesiology and the Nutritional Sciences Program Director at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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