Sep 25, 2018
Ready to Go
Jason Beaulieu

All workouts should start with a dynamic warm-up, working through a full range of motion. Based on scientific research, warm-ups are designed to stimulate the central nervous system, prepare the athletes’ bodies for training, and increase body temperature, blood flow to working muscles, and joint mobility.

There are four components to our dynamic movement work:

• General mobility: These activities are used to increase blood flow, increase joint range of motion, and prepare the body for movement.

• Muscle activation: These include isolated movements used to stimulate specific muscles that are important to posture, stability, and force production.

• Transit mobility: These activities take joints through a specific range of motion while traveling over a distance. These movements are designed to reinforce athletic movement, increase dynamic flexibility, and increase physical exertion.

• Dynamic mobility: These movements take joints through an explosive or rapid range of motion.

Following the warm-up, we get into the workout of the day. On Mondays, we train for power and core development. This is also when we have our speed school session to work on starts and acceleration. Tuesdays are for lacrosse-specific activities, such as individual skill instruction, shooting and dodging mechanics, or defensive and offensive strategy. Wednesdays are for speed/strength development, core development, and interval runs. We follow that with our Thursday Team Competition Day, which could consist of activities like basketball, stickball, or paint ball. And finally, we round out the week on Friday with metabolic training. This includes three strength or power stations and three speed or agility stations. Athletes are broken into six teams and must complete the circuit in a specific time.

Jason Beaulieu, CSCS, USAW, is the Coordinator of Strength and Conditioning for men's lacrosse and women's basketball at the University of North Carolina.

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