Jan 29, 2015
Ice Bath vs. Cold Tub

Ever since the benefits of using ice baths for recovery and reduction of sports injuries was discovered, people, whose job it is to keep athletes healthy, have lugged ice and water to cumbersome steel whirlpools. Draining, disinfecting, and refilling, several times a day. A tiresome, but crucial part of the sports training process. An innovative ice bath alternative is simplifying this task.

Professional and collegiate sports teams, trainers, sports medicine specialists, and physical therapist are discovering the superiority of Cold Tubs. The alarming rise in the incidence of MRSA and other resistant bacteria in training rooms have required the sports community to take note and establish strict disinfection guidelines. Providing cold therapy for multiple users requires disinfection after every bath.

Cold Tubs will deliver cold therapy to multiple athletes at one time, without having to drain and disinfect. Ever! Cold Tubs are 100% self-cleaning. The combination of a mechanical filtration system, antibacterial coating, and built-in sanitizer means no draining, disinfecting, or refilling.

ColdTubs are designed for multiple users, at the same! This saves time for the staff and athletes, alike. Steel whirlpools and ice bathes are limited to one or two athletes at a time. Cold tubs can comfortably and safely seat multiple athletes at the same time! No more waiting in line; no more hauling pounds of ice and gallons of water.

When using other ice bath methods, maintaining correct temperature for cold therapy can be an issue; usually, someone must be available to add additional ice to keep the temperature constant. Cold Tubs will cool water to 40 degrees F, and will maintain that temperature (+/- 2 degrees). Conversely, Cold tubs will also heat and maintain water to as high 140 degrees F, for warm-water therapy.

Installing a new hydrotherapy system can be a cost-prohibitive venture. Plumbing and electrical requirements alone can consume a large portion of a sports organizations’ budget. Cold Tubs are completely portable, and plug into a standard 110-v socket. No need for electrical re-wiring, no need for installation of additional drains or pipes. No construction installation of any kind is required. In fact, a ColdTub is so portable; it can travel to out of town games! It fits through any standard doorway and has its own sturdy wheels.

Imagine that, one portable tub, delivering both warm and cold-water therapy, without requiring disinfection, to multiple users? No need to imagine, it’s a reality and it is called Cold Tub.

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