Feb 17, 2023
Speaker Spotlight: Bill Foran | Miami Heat

2023 CSCCa National Conference is right around the corner, get ready for a packed line up of amazing speakers and events! The National Conference will be held in Orlando, FL, May 8-10. Be sure to plan out your speakers and events you are attending ahead of time. You can do so by checking out our Official Itinerary, by clicking here.

Bill Foran

We are excited to introduce one of our keynote speakers Bill Foran, the current Strength & Conditioning Consultant for the Miami Heat. Foran advises on matters related to health, strength, and the overall conditioning of Heat players. To achieve these goals, Foran supervises a combination of strength training, plyometrics, conditioning, stretching and nutrition to ensure the players’ maximum results on the court.

We sat down Foran to learn more about his career and his takeaway points for his presentation at the National Conference.

CSCCa: How did you get started in the strength and conditioning profession? 

Bill Foran:  After college I was an elementary PE teacher and coached high school football. The school was the smallest in the conference and had not had a winning season in years. My thought was we have to make our athletes better and started a strength and conditioning program. We started winning and I knew I liked developing athletes better than coaching the sport.

CSCCa: How long have you been in the field and what do you attribute your incredible longevity to in the profession?

Bill Foran: 45 years: 3 years at the high school level, 9 years at the college level, and 33 years with the Miami Heat.

I loved what I did and was fortunate to be with a loyal organization for 33 years.

CSCCa: What are three pearls of wisdom you can share with a young strength coach just starting in the profession?

Bill Foran:

  1. Show the athletes that you care.
  2. Out work everyone.
  3. Be a lifetime student and learn something every day.

CSCCa: What do you feel is the key to motivating athletes?

Bill Foran: Connect with your athletes at a personal level. They will see that you care, and they will see your work ethic.

CSCCa: What is the title of your presentation at the CSCCa National Conference?  What are the takeaway points you hope attendees gain from your presentation?

Bill Foran: “Stories and Tips from over 4 Decades in the Profession”. Hopefully some of the stories and tips can help your program. Included are 5 tips that athletes can do on their own to be better athletes. The presentation will also have lots of training videos.

We appreciate Foran for taking the time to talk with us and sharing his wisdom. If you would like to learn more about Forans story, be sure to attend his presentation on Tuesday 5/9/2023 at 10:00am, located in the Convention Center Tangerine Ballroom- F2.

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