May 30, 2023
Ready for impact? A validity and feasibility study of instrumented mouthguards (iMGs)

Instrumented mouthguards (iMGs) have the potential to quantify head acceleration events (HAEs) in sports. Direct impacts to the head or inertial head loading from impacts to the body can cause HAEs. Head acceleration events can be monitored acutely and cumulatively using iMGs. Limited validation and feasibility studies exist that evaluate iMGs and their associated systems, thus their appropriateness for both research and practice is unknown.

Prior to the application and adoption of iMGs in sport, their validity and feasibility require investigation to enable sporting organizations, clinicians and the scientific community to be aware of the strengths and limitations of iMGs and associated validity of iMGs via video-verification; phase III—iMG feasibility evaluated via player perceptions of fit, function and comfort and phase IV—practical feasibility of iMG systems from a practitioner perspective.


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