Sep 18, 2023
Basic Training – Weight Room to Living Room

Dave Houser

I am Dave Houser.  I coached for 20 years in the strength game working at USMA, Marquette, WKU, Toledo and Hartford.  The very principles I learned as a coach allow me to coach people on optimizing their financial performance now.

If you can design a training program – You can design a financial foundation, too.

There’s a commitment. Each requires self-discipline.

Think about it this way: Every year new athletes come in. What is the first thing you do? Take an assessment, right?

You collect data. Analyze it. Design a plan. Test. Then adjust as needed.

I did that for 20 years as a coach in division one athletics. Now that approach is used to optimize the performance of clients’ hard-earned dollars so they can enjoy life with more certainty.

5 Things to Consider

  1. Assess The Situation: In the weight room we test for body fat, bench squat, vertical. With personal finances people want to begin to understand their debt loads, their income flows, how much they deliberately are keeping each month?  What are the ways to optimize each dollar of the paycheck?
  2. Analyze: Personal finances are like a barbell.  Each side must be balanced. With money there is a protection side and a growth side to your money. How do you protect against liability, disability and death. Doing so ensures the success of a person’s financial future by protecting against financial injuries and allowing investments the time to produce a return for you.
  3. Replacement of Income: All coaches face the day they may be fired. What is the plan? People, by nature, do not like to focus on this, but again- it’s preparing to be successful in the future. While working, there is a replacement for the dollars spent. Job loss, or death, potentially leaves a family scrambling to “figure out”. Is that the best position to be in?
  4. Build a Reserve: Why do teams have reserves?  Just in case, right?  Having 6 – 12 months of cash reserves- provides a buffer that allows for recovery from a financial injury.  Foresee the worst so that you can perform your best, right?
  5. Use Velocity of Money: Velocity is the speed and direction of an object. Money has a velocity, too.  When money is put into an investment it will be exchanged for services that ultimately provide a return of your money. You then recapitalize and repeat the process to produce cash-flow to become independent upon only one source of income.

Track what you are doing. Review what is happening. Are you making progress?  How can things be improved?

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If you can design and implement a solid strength and conditioning program then you can strengthen your financial foundation, also.

As a coach, a strength professional becomes the ultimate problem solver.

Optimizing the performance of your body and finances leads to winning a personal championship.

Your future self depends upon your decisions today- exactly like putting time and effort into training dictates performance results.

Prepare today. Your future is counting on you.

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