Bill Encourages Hiring ATs

April 9, 2018

In Iowa, a new bill to address concussions offers an incentive for school districts to have an athletic trainer at sporting events. An article from The Gazette  explains that the school districts are given some liability protection if a licensed professional health care provider or athletic trainer is present at the activity.

The bill also requires student-athletes to be taken out of interscholastic activity if concussion or brain injury symptoms are observed, and a return to sport or activity wouldn’t be allowed until clearance from a licensed health care professional is given.

“The main point is that it’s going to incentive school districts to have an athletic trainer or a professional health care provider at these athletic events,” Tod Bowman, an Iowa senator, said. “So when a student-athlete is injured or concussed, there’s somebody on hand that’s going to have professional medical training to apply to this particular student-athlete in this situation.”


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