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Butkus Aims to Keep it Clean

Former Chicago Bears linebacker Dick Butkus spent years intimidating opponents with his skills as well as his attitude. Now, the 69-year-old Hall of Famer is trying to instill an attitude in young athletes that directs them away from banned substances like steroids and toward a healthier lifestyle.
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Q&A with Darryl Conway

University of Maryland
Though a lot of people would balk at the amount of responsibility Darryl Conway, MA, ATC, EMT, has as Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Medicine at the University of Maryland, he says he has the best job in the world. Conway oversees the day-to-day operations of a staff that includes 17 athletic trainers, two physical therapists, and nine physicians, and coordinates coverage for the Terrapins’ 27 athletic teams and 750 student-athletes. He also stays active clinically, assisting with coverage for the Maryland football team.
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Bloody Good Move

Many athletes today are asking for platelet-rich plasma therapy when they are injured. But is it a good move?
By Dr. Harry Stafford, Dr. Mark Sakr, Dr. Natasha Harrison, Dr. Josh Berkowitz, & Dr. David Berkoff
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Ready for Blast Off

Training explosiveness can include everything from Olympic lifts to plyometrics. Five top strength coaches go into detail on methods, specific exercises, and their philosophies… more »

Balancing Act

When an athlete is injured, revising his or her dietary plan is critical. That means balancing nutrients, calorie intake, healthy fats–and sometimes the actual food itself.
By Ingrid Skoog
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For some athletic trainers, taking care of hundreds of athletes gets a little more complicated when their own children show up in the athletic training room.
By Larry Cooper

Larry Cooper, MS, ATC, is the Head Athletic Trainer at Penn Trafford High School in Harrison City, Pa., where he also teaches health and physical education and sports medicine. He can be reached at: [email protected].

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Big Push

A year-round sport-specific strength and conditioning program helped Ohio State’s field hockey team peak during the posteason and reach new heights last year.
By Anthony Glass
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November 2011: Bloody Good Move

Stafford H, Sandbulte Z. Platelet-Rich Plasma? Athletic Training & Sports Health Care. 2011; Vol. 3: No. 4: 164-167.Hall MP, Band PA, Meislin RJ, Jazrawi LM, Cadrone DA. Platelet-rich plasma: current concepts and application in sports... more »

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