Q&A with Mark Stoessner

Grand Valley State University
When Mark Stoessner, MA, ATC, began work as Head Athletic Trainer at Grand Valley State University in June 2007, he knew a challenge lay ahead. The position had been vacant for five months. Before that, it had been filled by the much-loved Todd Jager, who succumbed to cancer in January 2007 after a 19-month battle.
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The Alumni Connection

When it comes to making contacts, try starting with your school’s athletic training alumni.
By Abigail Funk

Abigail Funk is an Assistant Editor at Training & Conditioning. She can be reached at: [email protected].

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The Better to Heal You With

The latest research shows that certain dietary changes during rehab can help athletes control inflammation, heal more quickly, and get back into the game sooner.
By Dr. John Berardi & Ryan Andrews
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On the Same Page

How do you deal with sport coaches who question your workouts, want to try all the new fads, and are always looking for an edge? By getting on the same page with them.
By Tim Wakeham

Tim “Red” Wakeham, MS, SCCC, CSCS, is Director of Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports at Michigan State University, where he has worked since 1996. He can be reached at: [email protected].

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What a Save!

To be an effective goalie–in any sport–you need a certain mindset. You also need a specific strength and conditioning program that is different from position players.
By Jane Koeniges & Pete Koeniges
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Under the Microscope

Protecting your athletes from MRSA means taking a close look at how these bacteria function. Here, we delve into your most pressing questions on the topic.
By Greg Scholand

Greg Scholand is an Assistant Editor at Training & Conditioning. He can be reached at: [email protected].

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Pooling Resources

Aquatic therapy creates dynamic, controlled resistance. Biofeedback offers quantifiable information about muscle function. Together, they allow athletes to begin rehab in a supportive, pain-reducing environment.
By Ron Fuller
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March 2008: Pooling Resources

Nuber G.W., F.W. Jobe, et al. "Fine wire electromyography analysis of muscles of the shoulder during swimming". American Journal of Sports Medicine 14 (1986): 7-11.Becker, K.M., M.O. Erlanson, et al. "A comparison of serratus anterior... more »

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