ACSM Recommends Preseason Football Changes

With hopes of reducing heat-related illness and death among football players, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recently released guidelines for youth and high school preseason practices.

The most prominent recommendation is to prohibit two-a-day practices during the first week of preseason. According to the ACSM, “the overwhelming majority of serious heat illnesses occur in the first four days of preseason football practice (especially on the first and second days), when players are not acclimatized to the heat, the intensity/duration of practice, or the uniform.”

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NATA Fights CMS Decision

Despite protests from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has implemented rules that limit athletic trainers’ ability to be reimbursed by Medicare for their services. The NATA, however, continues its legal battle to have the decision overruled.

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Can Diet Stress Cause Fractures?

Cutting out the stress over eating might help reduce stress fractures in women runners. Or so a group of sports-nutrition researchers hypothesize after studying the eating attitudes and behaviors of 79 Canadian women with and without stress fractures in their legs.

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Simple Tool, Important Job

When it comes to removing face masks from injured football players, a cordless power screwdriver is usually the best option, according to a group of New Hampshire researchers.

Led by Erik Swartz, PhD, ATC, Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of New Hampshire, the researchers reported that a screwdriver removed a variety of face masks in less time and with less movement than specialized cutting tools.

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Candace Parker, University of Tennessee

When Larry and Sara Parker dropped off their daughter Candace at the University of Tennessee in August of 2004, they were delivering one of high school basketball’s most decorated female players to the Lady Vols. A two-time national high school player of the year, Parker also garnered national attention after winning the slam dunk contest at the McDonald’s High School Boys’ All-Star game.

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Gaining Ground

At Towson University, off-season training for men’s lacrosse emphasizes speed, conditioning, and being ready for the game’s quick shifts in momentum.

By John Poitras

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The Right Route?

Being a healthcare professional in the world of competitive athletics can lead to some ethical quandaries. Here, we provide a compass, and a paddle.

By David Hill

David Hill is a former Assistant Editor at Training & Conditioning.

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All in the Hips

In just about any sport, hip strength is critical to performance. Consider these simple exercises to give your athletes the upper hand.

By Jim Kielbaso

Jim Kielbaso, MS, CSCS, is the author of Speed & Agility Revolution and the Director of the Total Performance Training Center in Wixom, Mich. He can be reached at: [email protected].

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Riding the Wave

Ready to put your athletes on a new wavelength in their rehab? Then it might be time to give light therapy a ride.

By R.J. Anderson

R.J. Anderson is an Assistant Editor at Training & Conditioning. He can be reached at: [email protected].

Want to know a secret to seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong’s cycling success? In addition to an out-of-this-world VO2 max and unparalleled will to win, Armstrong had a little something else on his side: light therapy.

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On the Road Again

Traveling to away games can be a test of your organizational skills. The keys are planning ahead, communicating, and being prepared for every bend in the road.

By Abigail Funk

Abigail Funk is an Assistant Editor at Training & Conditioning. She can be reached at: [email protected]

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