Big Jumps

Increasing explosive power is a goal of most volleyball players. A progressive plyometrics program will help them reach it.

By Tim McClellan

Tim McClellan, MS, CSCS, is the Performance Enhancement Director at He has coached volleyball players for over 20 years, ranging from professionals to youth club competitors.

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School vs. Work

Planning your next step after graduation

By Dr. Brian Toy

Brian Toy, PhD, ATC, is an Associate Professor at the University of Southern Maine, where he works as the Director of Sports Medicine and Director of the Athletic Training Education Program.

Upon nearing the completion of their undergraduate athletic training education, many students struggle to determine the best course of action to take upon graduation: attend graduate school or enter the work world. Many factors should be considered, including knowing your goals.

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The Latest Buzz

Whether it’s consumed to enhance performance or as part of the daily diet, caffeine can be a negative for today’s competitive athlete.

By Laura Smith

Laura Smith is an Assistant Editor at Training & Conditioning.

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From Hands to Head

With new research and guidelines out on how to assess concussions, now is the time to update your protocols.

By R.J. Anderson

R.J. Anderson is an Assistant Editor at Training & Conditioning.

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On the Record

With legal worries and insurance changes, record-keeping has become an important aspect of an athletic trainer’s job. This article explains how Boston University has recently upgraded its documenting system.

By Maria Hutsick

Maria Hutsick, MS, ATC, LATC, CSCS, is the Director of Sports Medicine at Boston University. She has also served on the NCAA Competitive Safeguards Committee and the NATA’s Board of Certification.

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Not Pretty

What do you do with athletes who aren’t naturally agile? Here are some tips on how to turn even your clumsiest players into graceful, quick competitors.

By David Pollitt

David Pollitt, CSCS, is the Owner of Optimal Performance Strength and Conditioning Consulting in Riverside, Calif., and the former Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Banff Hockey Academy, in Alberta, Canada.

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