Jun 27, 2018
Wet Bulb Globes Required

Starting July 1, all middle and high schools in South Carolina must use a wet bulb globe thermometer during outdoor sports practice or games.

According to wistv.com, last year, a report card by the University of Connecticut’s Korey Stringer Institute ranked South Carolina as one of the worst states in America when it comes to protecting athletes from heat stroke. By comparison, North Carolina and Georgia, which were near the top of the list, required wet bulb thermometers, while South Carolina did not.

Byron Millwood, Athletic Trainer for Gilbert High, has used wet bulb thermometers for years, before the state required it. He said he uses the thermometer in conjunction with a chart from the high school league, determining how long practice can last, how many water breaks to have and what uniforms the team can wear.

“It’s another tool in the box to help us save lives,” said Millwood.

Skip Lax, who is part of the South Carolina High School League, said requiring wet bulb thermometers should improve South Carolina’s safety ranking. The thermometers cost several hundred dollars, but Lax said school districts should be able to afford them. If the wet bulb thermometers are not being used, league officials will contract district principals or superintendents, and offenders may be fined.


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