Apr 7, 2016
Versatile and Functional Medical Records Solution

Unique Advantages

ATS is an industry leading electronic medical records software for athletic trainers. ATS is a comprehensive multi-level system used by the medical staff in  high schools,  colleges,  professional sports,  hospitals and clinics. ATS offers the ability to securely access “live” information from a PC, a tablet, or a smart phone. All connections are secure and encrypted.

Modules Included:

Our ATS Software consists of the following modules:

• ATS Core: Installs on a laptop/PC and provides a Windows interface to your data via an internet connection.

• ATS Core Portal: An internet web portal for staff; giving them the ability to do all of the day-to-day functions found in the ATS Core.

• ATS Quick Med Check – Available as a Windows-based or web-based version; this module gives medical staff the ability to enter a wide variety of information quickly and easily.

• ATS Smartphone: Offers 30+ day-to-day functions giving your staff the ability to enter/view information and not have to return to the office or write things on paper.

• ATS Athlete Web Portal: An internet web portal for athletes and/or parents to update information–demographics, medical history, pre-participation, and more–saving time for your staff.

• ATS Kiosk: Available in a Windows version or web version; this module is a check-in station allowing athletes to view treatments and exercises for a given date, check and schedule appointments, and more.

• ATS Athlete Smartphone: Similar to the ATS Smartphone, but gives athletes the ability to report an injury, check rehab schedules, contact staff, and more.

• The ATS Research: De-identified injury information entered by our participating clients. No extra data entry is required and is dynamically included in the research database. Statistics may be retrieved by a set of reports or pulled through use of our data miner.

Concussion Evaluations

One of the key components of our ATS software is a concussion evaluation. We believe that there is no such thing as “too much” information for evaluating and treating concussions. To that end we have a variety of information available in ATS, including the SCAT3, BESS, SAC and more. Electronic docs and files may also be scanned or imported.

About the Company

ATS is a premier provider of software for athletic trainers. The company’s software is used by almost 500 clients in 44 states.



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