Jun 13, 2018
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We’ve all see the ads on TV for those “compression” garments that promise amazing results for athletes. Shop your local big box retailer and what you may often find on the “As seen on TV” rack are those same products. When it comes to the health of your athletes, don’t they deserve better?

The sports compression industry is a tricky one to navigate as television ads and social media have been good at building awareness for the product category, but often miss the mark on explaining the difference between compression (a tight garment or sock), and a medically accurate graduated compression garment.

Medical compression industry leader medi and its sports division CEP Compression Sportswear offer an extensive line of medically accurate compression garments that include recovery socks, recovery tights, and the CLONE custom recovery garment for athletes at the professional and collegiate level. These garments help improve endurance, provide stabilization for muscles and joints, reduce fatigue and soreness, and help athletes recovery faster.

“We work with athletic directors, athletic trainers, the medical staff, and coaches to ensure that the right garment is available to the athletes. As a trusted partner, we can help build a recovery and travel wearing program that integrates the right product mix to ensure compliance and benefits the individual student athlete,” says CEP’s Collegiate Athletics Program Manager David Norber.

CEP socks feature a fabric structure that stabilizes muscles and joints which results in more control and improved stability for increased performance. It is CEP’s precisely defined and accurate compression profile that increases blood flow and improves circulation and oxygenation which results in more oxygen for muscles and more energy for athletes. At the same time, metabolic waste is carried away from the muscles which accelerates recovery.

The CEP product line integrates over 60 years of medical compression research and development into each garment. Backed by medi, a global provider of medical compression garments, CEP utilizes the science behind medical compression to help athletes maximize their performance and recovery. CEP compression is worn and trusted by athletes at every level across the globe.

For more info. on CEP Compression by Medi USA visit www.cepcompression.com, call 832-221-4200 or email [email protected]

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