Dec 20, 2021
The Truth About Simple & Complex Carbs

Are carbohydrates good or bad?

That is the question Barbara Quinn, a registered dietitian nutritionist based in California, attempted to help people answer in a recent article on

carbsBelow is an excerpt from Quinn’s article from Medical Xpress.

Aside from the fact that carbohydrates are the cleanest, most efficient fuel for our brains, muscles and nerves, here are some other truths about this group of foods.

— Carbs such as whole grains and dietary fiber are good for keeping blood sugar, cholesterol, , and weight in healthy ranges.

— More refined carbs such as sugar and low fiber snacks have the opposite effect on our health when we overindulge. We, therefore, need to eat smaller amounts of sugar cookies and candy canes. Darn.

— More healthful carbs supply dietary fiber—a type of carb that the body does not digest (so no calories!) and has other benefits. Foods that contain  include whole fruits, vegetables, , nuts, and legumes. High consumers of high-fiber foods show consistently lower incidents of heart disease, diabetes, and colon cancer, to name a few.

Some dietary fibers called “probiotics” are fermented by good bacteria in our guts. Is this good? You bet. Beneficial effects of this process include better blood sugar control, reduced appetite to keep us from overindulging on Christmas cookies, and protection from disease-producing inflammation.

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Does a high-carb diet make you fat? That’s still up for debate and again, the type of carbs we eat makes a difference. Studies do show, however, that, given unlimited access to sugary foods or sweetened beverages, many of us will put on extra pounds.

To read the full article from Quinn on Medical Xpress, click here

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