Oct 20, 2016
The Recovery System for Elite Results

Top athletic trainers, athletes, and coaches are putting an increased emphasis on recovery as an essential part of the training regimen. This growing recovery movement has led to dedicated recovery rooms featuring the NormaTec PULSE Series Recovery Systems in leading athletic organizations, from professional teams across all sports to elite high schools.  NormaTec’s sophisticated compression devices reduce pain and soreness, increase flexibility, and get athletes back to training at peak levels more quickly. They use the patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern to mobilize fluid, increase circulation, and speed recovery. When athletes devote conscious time to recovery utilizing the new NormaTec PULSE and PULSE PRO Recovery Systems, they are able to maximize performance throughout demanding training and game schedules. The compact design of the systems allows them to be used anywhere, opening up options for organizations without dedicated recovery rooms, and allowing them to be utilized for away games and on the road training.

When asked about the recent addition of a NormaTec Recovery room, the Baltimore Ravens Director of Performance and Recovery, Steve Saunders replied “The NormaTec system is a key component of our recovery focus. It’s effective, results driven, and easy to use, especially in a team setting.  I have been impressed by the player feedback and… I would recommend it to any sports program that wants the most out of their athletes and the best for their athletes.”

NormaTec uses compressed air in an exclusive massage pattern that improves natural recovery time, effectively perfecting the intermittent pneumatic compression that has been used for many years in physical therapy. The PULSE Series Systems work on legs, hips, or arms, treating the body with the patented NormaTec Pulse Compression Technology that rehabilitates both pre and post workout. In addition to compelling scientific research about the benefits, athletes report a big difference when they use it for even just twenty minutes post work out.

These new devices feature an ultra portable control unit with digital (PULSE) or touchscreen (PULSE PRO) controls, intensity levels for up to 110 mmHg of compression, and a calibration phase to custom mold NormaTec attachments to an athlete’s individual body. With a sleek lightweight design, it is easy to take recovery wherever an athlete needs it, leading to a significant reduction in sore muscles and swelling, along with increased blood flow and flexibility.

“We are extremely proud that our technology is helping all types of athletes accomplish their goals and achieve remarkable  results after incorporating NormaTec into their routines. Especially with all of the amazing successes in Rio, this has been an exciting year.”   Gilad Jacobs, CEO of NormaTec 

An increasing number of elite trainers in pro and college football, basketball, hockey, and the military,  as well as US Rowing, USA Triathlon, USATF, Ironman, and professional dance organizations like the Boston Ballet rely on NormaTec as their preferred modality for recovery. As proven by the many champions who trust them, the NormaTec PULSE and PULSE PRO provide a powerful advantage for competitive success.

Company Profile

Invented by an MD, PhD, NormaTec Recovery Systems are cutting edge compression solutions that enhance the body’s natural ability to recover. They utilize a patented massage pattern to reduce soreness and tightness, increase circulation, and rejuvenate muscles. NormaTec Recovery Systems are the face of recovery within elite athletic spheres today.

For more information, visit www.NormaTecRecovery.com

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