Oct 24, 2019
The next frontier of sport — recovery (sponsored)

Recovery is a huge focus for training programs because there is a clear correlation between proper recovery tactics and top performance. As facilities strive to stay on the cutting-edge and offer the best opportunities for their athletes, recovery equipment, special recovery spaces, and protocols dedicated to recovery are becoming more central.

normatech photoToday more than 97% of pro teams in the US rely on NormaTec for recovery and rehab, and a growing number of these teams, as well as top institutions, have constructed NormaTec recovery rooms in their training facilities. This includes the Kansas City Chiefs, Boston Red Sox, University of Alabama, Brooklyn Nets, and the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Just like cardio and strength training equipment, dedicated recovery spaces and access to recovery equipment are becoming the standard. Athlete recovery is a comprehensive endeavor, and in addition to compression therapy, different modalities and techniques including guided stretching, foam rolling, and percussive therapy that are utilized in these spaces.

“The big component on my end was the recovery room,” says Rick Burkholder, head athletic trainer for the Kansas City Chiefs, on his decision to implement a NormaTec Recovery Room for the team. “Our days lost for practices are way down.”

Even if an entire room for recovery is not possible within an existing space, recovery areas can be incorporated into a current layout, adding value to the facility as a whole. Equipment like the NormaTec PULSE 2.0 Series, foam rollers, and percussive therapy are not only essential but also easy to integrate, highly effective, and take up very little space. Zero Gravity chairs work well for pop-up recovery areas and can easily be folded up in between sessions. Training staff members and athletes on the importance of recovery is also key to the success of recovery programs.

“The NormaTec Recovery Zone is one of the best investments we have made here at Alabama,” says Jeff Allen, head athletic trainer and director of sports medicine for the University of Alabama football program. “I feel like you can really define recovery as the ability to maintain your performance each day and each game, and that’s a huge challenge … And we’ve had a lot of success with NormaTec.”

A recovery room can help your program stay ahead of the curve and give athletes a competitive advantage. For more information on how to create a recovery space at your facility, contact Dan Canina at [email protected].

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