May 18, 2017
Smooth Transition

In Texas, Liberty Hill High School’s head athletic trainer is retiring in July. When Charles “Doc” Harrington’s retirement starts, his wife will step in to take his place. 

“Really nothing is going to change, because we’re just going to take care of kids,” Melissa Harrington, who has been an assistant athletic trainer at Liberty Hill High School since 2016, told The Independent. “That’s the main focus. There will be some administrative stuff that I will do and things like that, but we’re just going to take care of kids. That’s the main focus.”

Melissa Harrington will also shift her focus from indoor and girls’ sports to football. Her new schedule will allot time for talking with parents and coaches, which is something she’s started preparing for with her husband.

“Doc is trying to coach me up, because there is a lot of stuff that I’m having to learn how to do,” Harrington told The Independent. “Between transportation and the correct answers for the coaches when they say, ‘Hey, we need to do this.’ I’m just learning what they’ve done and what the right answers are to make sure the coaches and the kids get the same care and the same abilities to take care of kids. I’m really just trying to learn the Liberty Will way, which is a pretty good way, I’m finding out.”

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