Jul 1, 2020
Should Women Lacrosse Players Wear Helmets?

Research from Dr. Dawn Comstock, a sports injury expert with an extensive background in concussions, suggests some changes in the game of girls’ lacrosse could help prevent concussions.

Currently, the differences between the way the game is played by men and women are stark. There’s no body-checking in the women’s game and, for that reason, hard-shell helmets are not required like they are in the men’s game.

Photo: Lax Discipline / Creative Commons

In an article posted by The Denver Channel, Comstock pointed towards the need for a hard-shell helmet in women’s lacrosse as a preventative measure against concussions.

“We really just set out to ask the question, ‘how much of the concussions of girls lacrosse could be directly attributed to the fact that they are prohibited from wearing the hard-shell helmet with the full facemask that’s required in boys lacrosse?'” Comstock told The Denver Channel.

With the help of fellow professor Sarah Fields, Comstock found that nearly three-quarters (72.2%) of all concussions among girls high school lacrosse players resulted from being struck by a stick or a ball. But by wearing helmets, Comstock and researchers estimate it could reduce the total concussions by 45 percent.

“61.5% of the concussions that resulted from being hit by the stick or the ball in girls lacrosse players could have been prevented if they had been wearing the same helmet the hard shell helmet with the full facemask that boys are required to wear,” Comstock told The Denver Channel.

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According to the article, US Lacrosse does have a women’s lacrosse helmet designed is currently being tested in Florida. It would be a softer helmet with less coverage than the male helmet and is optional for usage in all states except Florida.

To read the full story on Comstock’s research and her work to reduce concussions in girls lacrosse by nearly 50 percent, click here

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